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What WE DO

Westminster's Mission Statement for 2017 says:

We, Westminster Presbyterian Church, are a caring, diverse, and growing, program-oriented congregation, with an average Sunday attendance of 250 that is centered on Worshipping God. We take seriously Jesus' call to make and grow disciples. We are equipped to be ministers and participate in a three-fold ministry plan that includes:

  1. Evangelism—sharing faith in Jesus Christ with those who do not yet believe,
  2. Discipleship—deepening faith in Jesus Christ, and
  3. Outreach—ministering to the practical needs of others.

At Westminster, WE DO!

We WORSHIP—corporately each Sunday and many other times individually as well. Worship is at the core of what WE DO.

We engage in EVANGELISM—intentionally sharing the faith we have in Jesus Christ. We share our faith during the week as we live our lives. We hold special classes (ALPHA and the Marriage Course) that allow us to interact with those who do not yet believe. We remind ourselves of Jesus' special love of those who were not yet his followers. 

We enter into DISCIPLESHIP—the act of deepening the faith we have in Jesus Christ. We do this by intentionally studying God's Word and interacting with other believers so that we can grow in faith and knowledge.

We offer Christian love and support through our OUTREACH—ministering to the practical needs of others. We look beyond ourselves and seek to minister to those who need our help.

The acronym WE DO reminds us what our life of faith together is supposed to include: worship, evangelism, discipleship, and outreach. At Westminster, WE DO!