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Children’s Chapel

Westminster's youngest worshippers are welcome in the Sanctuary at all times. We mean this and please don't be embarrassed by the noises little ones make. Your children are a joy to our Westminster church family!

We do have some options for helping children be worshippers in progress.

Preschool children may begin with their families in the sanctuary or get checked in for the entire worship service in classroom 6 of the Discovery House. We do have Nursery attendants that will bring Preschool children to hear the first couple worship songs in the front pew. If you would like your preschool-age children to sit with you they can go up with the older children and get them to the right class during Children's Chapel time.

Children's Chapel is offered during the 10am worship services for children 3 years through 3rd grade. You can expect that about 15-20 minutes into the worship service our Pastor or Family Ministry Director will call children forward to the front Chancel steps for A Time with Children where a short story, lesson, or exercise is presented. Afterward, children may return to their seats in the Sanctuary or attend Children's Chapel with a trained Host in one of the Discovery House classrooms. Children's Chapel offers children an age-appropriate presentation of God's Word through Scripture, reflection, and, art.  Twice a month our storytellers use Goldy Play curriculum.  It is a Montessori style lesson designed specifically to encourage kids to think about the stories of our faith. 

Children's Chapel also offers parents an opportunity to listen to the sermon and participate in worship without their children.  However, we would love to have your children in the sanctuary during worship. We have Worship Binders for visitors and all regular attender children in 2nd-6th grade. These binders have sermon notes and other activities to keep them engaged while listening. Regular attenders have a bookshelf in the library where their binders are held. For visitors there is binders in a wire basket on the first pew that students can grab on their way back to their seat after the Time for Children.