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Human Resources

Among Westminster's most cherished and appreciated resources are our paid staff members, willing volunteers and members of congregation. The Human Resources Committee serves as a steward for all the people at Westminster who engage in acts of ministry. The Human Resources Committee oversees and develops training for staff and volunteers who work with children as well as sponsoring workshops to improvide educational insight and better communication for the church body. The committee also provides leadership in the development and implementation Human Resource Policies for the church.

The major responsibilities of the committee include: oversight for the recruiting of employees, the establishment of competitive pay rates for both salaried and hourly positions, and development of conditions of hire. The committee also assists in the personal growth of the church's employees, including the Pastor, through administration of the job performance and annual performance evaluation process. The committee, in consultation with Session and employee supervisors, develops the annual Human Resources and Pastoral Mission budget for the church.

In an effort to provide a nurturing and safe environment for children and youth, the committee adminsters the church's Child Abuse Prevention Policy and runs state and national background checks on all individuals working with children and youth. The committee periodically reviews the Human Resources Policies to assure that they promote a positive and equitable work environment and that they are being followed and that they comply with all applicable state and federal laws.

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